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.NET Trainee Developer

We are hiring freshers with knowledge of following technologies:

  • C# .Net
    Must have good OOPs knowledge and Understanding of C# technology
    Should have created at least one application using ASP MVC
  • ASP .Net Core
    Need basic understanding of difference between .Net Framework and .Net Core
  • Angular
    Knowledge of Angular is nice to have. Preferred Angular v2 and above
  • Microsoft SQL Server
    Should be able to execute Stored Procedures and write T-Sql for multiple joins
  • JavaScript
    Able to write JavaScript with through basic concepts
  • HTML5
    Should have enough knowledge of HTML to create a simple html page using text editor
  • CSS
    Knowledge of Bootstrap is good but should be able to write responsive style sheet without using Bootstrap

Note: Apply only if you have working knowledge of some or all of the above technologies and you should have worked on any of the above technology in past one week. This could be in your academic project or hobby programs.

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