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Why Potlu?

Simplify your business by bringing customers, vendors and employees in one place.
Way to save time and not just data

Project Management

Create and manage tasks, schedule meetings, share your calendar, and receive notifications about important events. You can also create and track proposals, quotations, invoices, variations, and costs with ease.

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Project Management for interior designer business | Potlu

Information Management

Instantly share documents and images with Clients, Suppliers, Employees and Sub-Contractors using emails, Whatsapp and SMS.

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Information Management for interior designer business | Potlu

Client Portal

Our easy-to-use portal allows you to collaborate with your clients in real time. Share ideas, options, and documents, and let your clients view and comment on their projects anywhere, anytime. They can also view their future payments and receive payment reminders via the portal app.

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Client Portal for interior designer business | Potlu

Sub-Contractor Portal

Collaborate with your sub-contractors at one place.

Share work details through an easy-to-use portal.

Provide sub-contractor with access to comment on their work and update status.

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Sub-Contractor Portal for interior designer business | Potlu

Integrated Accounting

Our integrated accounting system simplifies financial management with cashflow tracking, employee payroll management, and daily expense tracking. Also generates GST compatible bills/invoices, ensuring tax compliance.

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Integrated Accounting for interior designer business | Potlu

Social media integration

Manage all your business social media accounts in one place. Can schedule posts for multiple accounts at once.

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Social media integration for interior designer business | Potlu

Budgeting and cost control

Simple to use budgeting and cost planning to identify actual operational cost and forecast.

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Budgeting and cost control for interior designer business | Potlu

Employee Management (HR)

Manage employee profile details, contact details and more

Comprehensive HR solution for recruitment, payroll, timesheet management, leave management, organisation structure and more

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Employee Management (HR) for interior designer business | Potlu


Track time spent on projects and tasks to improve efficiency and accuracy.

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Timesheet tracking for interior designer business | Potlu

Mobile app

Mobile app enables accessing data from anywhere anytime and get notification on relevent information

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Mobile App for interior designer business management | Potlu

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